Forms of care

Individual therapy sessions

Occupational therapy

The main objective of the occupational therapy on the elderly is to promote the independence in the development of the daily tasks…

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Cognitive therapy

One of the main changes in the elderly is the cognitive deterioration, which has a result some limitations that affect the quality of their lifestyle…

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Phonoaudiology therapy

Oriented to the identification of the risk for the patient to have communication disabilities, which are directly articulated to the cognitive superior processes…

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It is of vital importance the contribution of the physical therapy to fight or delay de physical deterioration and the inactivity of the elderly…

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For the elderly, water is the therapeutic mean with less contraindications and more benefits, whether it is in the organic or the psychological areas…


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Other Services

Gym club

  • Fitness program according to medical or therapeutic assessment.

Special events club

  • Cookery courses, dance and others.
  • Cultural and recreational outings: music, theater, cinema, among others.
  • Workshops: painting, cooking, gardening.

Additional support services

  • Accompany to medical appointments.
  • Monitoring controls
  • Management measures.
  • Training for caregivers.

Other nursing services

  • Postoperative care.
  • Home care.