Life Club House

We offer integral services of attention, care, assistance, and support in the daily life of our elderly to establish a healthy life culture, based in principles and values that guarantee the wellbeing, and improve the capacities and life quality of the elderly through programs and therapeutic plans directed by a professional team.


Our Objectives


We are a Club model and place to live, leader in personalized services in health and wellbeing for the elderly. We develop therapeutic programs and services for the care, assistance, support, prevention, promotion, recovery, physical and psychological improvement, oriented to improving the life quality and the wellbeing of the elderly.

  • Offer the service of a permanent home, temporary home, or daily accommodation. Including constant collaboration and support in the different activities that the elderly engage in.
  • Create, develop and implement programs of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, physical activities, hydrotherapy,  support groups, and basic health cares for the wellbeing of the elderly.
  • Create, develop and implement support, capacitation and orientation programs and services directed to family and Club House workers based on:
    • Care services and assistance to the elderly at home and support in all of their daily activities.
    • Specialized services and assistance in post-hospitalized recovery.
    • Family support services such as: accompany the patient to doctor’s appointments, therapies, medical services, etc.
  • Create, develop and implement complimentary services of care, assistance, and support for the recovery in the life quality of the elderly.
  • Establish and diffuse a healthy life culture, based on principles and values that guarantee the wellbeing, improve the functional capacities and life quality through therapeutic programs and plans directed by a specialized group of professionals:
    • Creation of cultural, touristic and recreational programs.
    • Create complimentary programs and services oriented to the improvement of the life quality.
    • Create social, cultural and recreational programs for the elderly in a friendly and comfortable environment.
    • Create and develop prevention and promotion programs through the acquisition of a healthy life habits.

Pacient Control


We provide quality care for the elderly and keep a medical history individual control of each one of our patients. The control includes:

  • The patients emergency contacts and information.
  • Contrat.
  • Commitment of the family.
  • Medical formulas of doctors who check on him/her.
  • Fórmulas de los médicos que lo atienden.
  • Controlled register of the medication given to the patient, with their respective medical formulas and medical history.
  • As a requisite we ask for the patient to be affiliated to CEM, EMI or Emermédica